Success Stories

Get Kickin’ and Jenny Mercer has been a tremendous help to me! I suffer from a motor neuron condition that affects my walking and balance. Her patience and technique has not only helped with the walking and balance, but also coordination and strength. I would strongly suggest that if you want individualized help designed just for your issues that you contact her immediately! Thank you, Jenny!!

Mike, Age 73

Jenny at Get Kickin’ was able to tailor each workout to challenge me physically and meet my fitness needs. She was very hands on to ensure proper technique and to push me to get the most out of every workout. The variations of high intensity intervals with brief periods of rest yielded me incredible results. I encourage anyone who is just starting out or looking to take their fitness to the next level to contact Jenny!!

Nick, Age 37

Just wanted to give a shout out to Jenny over at Get Kickin’… I’d been struggling to find some fitness options in the area that could work with my schedule and this is PERFECT!!!! She’s got me doing some weights and Muay Thai (kickboxing) ..I’m gonna be a BAD A$$ in no time. CHECK HER OUT!!!!

Kelly, Age 41