Get Kickin’

Why Choose Get Kickin’

If you want to burn up to 900 calories in an hour without ever running on a treadmill or doing a “traditional” boring workout at a big box gym, then you have come to the right place. At Get Kickin’ we give you the best workout of your life through Muay Thai Kickboxing inspired classes and bootcamps and personal training workouts. These are guaranteed to help you burn fat, get you to your goals, and have a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never thrown a punch or a kick in your life.

Come join our family!

At Get Kickin’, you have many options to help meet your health and fitness goals. Age, experience, and fitness level do not matter.  Everyone is welcome.

 Kickboxing based fitness is an option offered in the gym. Boot Camp, Private, Semi – Private, and Small Group Training is available.

I will teach you correct technique for all exercises including legitimate Muay Thai /striking (kicks and punches) so you get the most benefit from the exercise and reduce your chance of injury. We work on Muay Thai heavy bags and pads. No direct person to person sparring.  Arthritis, injuries, disabilities… no worries. We have a modification for that.

I also offer In-Home Training. Let me come to you.  It saves you time and gives you one less excuse not to work out.

I am a Functional Aging Specialist trained to work with older adults on functional fitness, balance training, fall prevention, and other exercises to make activities of daily living easier, giving you confidence to stay active and live independently longer.

Make an appointment and find out how I can help you!