Fitness Over 55

Jenny is a Functional Aging Specialist certified through the Functional Aging Institute (FAI).

FAI has analyzed most of the available industry certifications and can say that we have taken a completely different approach to training. For the past 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to figuring out how to maximize physical function for mature adults. This has involved spending hundreds of hours examining the current research and thousands of hours training clients. As we learned and gained experience our philosophy of training began to take shape. This philosophy, called the Functional Aging Training model, is now at the heart of the certification program. Other certifications focus primarily on what are the problems that older adults have that you need to be careful of, modify exercises for and work around while using the old school, traditional cardio and resistance training methods. Our focus is on using novel training techniques and methods that integrate multiple components of function (e.g. proprioception, motor control, power, core stability, etc.) that are appropriate for the current needs of the client.

Let Jenny help you get and/or stay strong so you can be active and healthy and make the most of your retirement years!

Your program can range from hard core, high intensity kick boxing for those already fit but looking for more to a slower progression of body weight exercises that challenge your balance especially as it applies to activities of daily living.

Senior Client In Action

Meg came to Get Kickin’ with a red, swollen, painful, arthritic knee that limited her mobility and made her concerned about falling thus limiting her activity. Now, her pain is almost completely gone and she confidently  goes about her daily activities including taking care of her horses.